To teach the Hebraic perspective of faith in and obedience to the One True Elohim (God). more..
Isaiah 56:6
Statement of Purpose
To teach the Hebraic perspective of faith in and obedience to the One True Elohim.

Maybe the above statement sounds very obvious, but let's look again at what it says as it is broken down into four parts.

First this statement acknowledges that Elohim (God) gave the scriptures to the Hebrew people. It must be interpreted through the customs of the Hebrew people and the time in which it was written. To interpret scripture through our own customs, traditions, or denominational preference is sure to lead to error. We must also be willing to acknowledge that anti-semitism has been a part of church history. This has caused errors such as replacement theology and even pagan customs to enter into our relationship with Elohim. Let us remember that Yeshua did not come to start a new religion, but to direct people back to the true religion, the one that began with the creation of the earth, the call of Abraham , the giving of the instructions (Torah) on Mt. Sinai through Moses.

Second we look at faith. Without faith it is impossible to please Elohim (HEB 11:6). There is no relationship with Elohim without this first vital step. But let us not try to end there. Churches are full of people with faith, both intellectual faith and emotional faith. Scripture warns though that even the demons believe and they tremble. These beings have both intellectual and emotional faith, but will they enjoy the goodness of Elohim forever? I do not think so.

Third is obedience. Yaakov (James) said that faith without works is dead. But how do we define works, obedience to what? Is it obedience to my church doctrine, or to a list of rules that someone has made up. Is it obedience to what "I" think is the right thing to do? There must be a standard and that standard is the Torah. The Torah is the first five books of the Bible. The words that Elohim gave to Moses on Mt. Sinai. These words have never changed nor have they been done away with (Matt 5:17). These words and our obedience to them are what should separate us from the world. When these instructions are lived out we can truly become the light of the world.

Last, but not least is that we are serving the ONE TRUE ELOHIM. There may be many gods in this world today, but only one is the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the One who introduced Himself to Moses as I AM. He revealed Himself to the Hebrew people thru the scriptures and later thru the life of Yeshua, Messiah ben Joseph. It is this Elohim that we serve and are accountable to.

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