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Isaiah 56:6
WHY "The Isaiah 56 Project"

Just prior to the Hebrews leaving Egypt, they were given instructions for partaking in the Passover. In Exodus 12:43-48 we read that no "Foreigner" would be allowed to partake of the lamb. In order for a foreigner to partake he had to take upon himself the mark of a Hebrew and be, could we say, "Grafted Into or Adopted" into the family called Israel. In essence the foreigner was coming into the family of Israel by faith which then produced a work of obedience to the instructions (Torah) of Elohim.
Isaiah 56 speaks of the "foreigner", his responsibilities and his blessings. In scripture, this term is used for a people that are not related by blood, but are living among you, as one of you, obeying the laws of your land. Could this be the people that are being spoken of in Romans 11 and Ephesians 2?

Here are the responsibilities of the foreigner:
1. Join themselves to God's as willing servants.
2. Love God (Consider John 14:15)
3. Do His work
4. Keep and not profane Shabbat (the 7th day)
5. Hold fast to God's covenant(s)

Here are the promises that they can stand on.
1. Bring them to my holy mountain. (Do you desire to go to Israel? Here is the promise of a way.)
2. Make them joyful. (How many people could use an honest dose of this one.)
3. Our offerings and sacrifices will be accepted. (Now stay with me. Have you ever felt that what you were doing and giving was just not being noticed? Be truthful.)
4. Complete His House of Prayer. (The house of God is not complete without the foreigner. The foreigner does not replace the family called Israel, but rather enlarges it. The foreigner is humbled to be part of the family and His plans.

There is so much more within those words for each of us to "shema", (hear intelligently). The words of the Rabbis that are so fitting here:"through doing, comes understanding". Start to live the responsibilities and watch the promises flow.


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