Old City Tour #2 Oct 2013
Begining at the Kotel, we walk outside the walls toward the Kidron Valley and the Eastern Gate. A bit of temptation ends the video.

Old City Tour Oct 2013
What would it have been like to be one of the first Jews in the Old City in 1967? Udi Merioz tells the story of God fulfilling his father's desires. We then take a tour within the Old City walls and end with a challenge while overlooking the Kotel.
Elon Moreh / Shiloh Oct 2013
The day begins with sunrise at Elon Moreh. This is the place a man named Abram came and received the covenant words of Gen 12:6-7.
How does one describe the place the Tabernacle stood for 369 years. A new multimedia presentation at Shiloh brings it all together. We also visit Shiloh Children's School.

A Day in the Vineyard Oct 2013
The words of Prophets are coming to pass in front of our eyes. From vineyards on the Hills of Samaria, to the people who are tending the vines, prophecy is being lived out.
For more information on how you can be a part, go to the HaYovel web site.


Sodom and Gomorra / Ein Gedi Oct 2013
The ruins of Sodom and Gomorra still speak loudly to those who will listen. From burning sulfur balls, to playing in the ashes of what was, it is quite an experience.
Ein Gedi is today a National Park devoted to nature, swimming and hiking. Few of the visitors consider the historic significance to this place.


Taking a Stand in Itamar
During a trip to Israel in February of 2012 we were invited to the town of Itamar for the dedication of a new Synagogue in honor of the Fogel family.
Bridge Building
Moshe and Dov Kempinski are two brothers who own the Biblical shop "Shorashim" in the Old City of Jerusalem. For over 20 years they have been instrumental in opening dialogue between people of faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Moshe's soft spoken style is at times hard to understand, but well worth the extra effort.

Tale of a Tree
In May of 1998 I stood and heard the story of a tree planted at Yad Vashem in honor of Corrie Ten Boom. I made a promise to God on that day that wherever He would allow me, I would tell the story of the Ten Boom family and the tree. In February of 2012, the story is told again, at the place I had first heard it.
The "Shema" from Ancient Hebrew
The Samaritans who live on Mt. Gerezim are a fascinating people. They believe they can trace there lineage back to Adam. To this day, once a year, they offer a Passover sacrifice. They also speak and read a form of Ancient Hebrew. On our visit the Samaritan High Priest Yafed recites the "Shema". (Duet 6:3-9)
Teaching from the "Center of the Earth"
Words can not describe what it is like to stand and gaze over the Temple Mount. To consider that from one place, a person can speak of a history, past, present and future which spans 7000 years.
On this day I tried my best to put it all in a nutshell.
Shiloh: Past, Present and Future
The 2012 grape harvest was over and it was time to hit the olive groves. Is it possible we were simply following in the footsteps of a "Good Samaritan"?

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