Many will first ask what our requirements are to have Mike come to your home group or congregation. It is simple as as invitation. We never ask how many people will attend or what the offering will be. We just ask if it is Father's will. To inquire about adding your group simply send us an EMAIL  or call 828 349 3274

JAN 26

Immanuel Baptist Church

214 Castle Heights Ave, Lebanon, TN

Contact Cathy Wright

615 784 4828

JULY 4-6


Lebanon TN

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FEB 22-24

Refresh Conference

Kol HaMachiach

Lake City FL

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SEPT 1-13

Connect To Israel Tour

Info and Registration

MAR 23

Bnai Israel

Tulsa OK

Web Site

MAR 30

MAY 17

811 Houston Ave

Levelland TX

Contact Mel


Abilene TX