October 22 - November 3, 2017
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In March of 1998 I had the great privilege of going to Israel for the first time. My desire was not just to be a tourist, but to experience much more. My goals were twofold. First, I desired to touch the soil of the land that I had read about for so long, to see it as Abraham had looked upon it and to walk the steps that Yeshua had walked. Second, I wanted to feel the heartbeat of my brothers and sisters, the Jewish people.
God honored my desires on that first trip and has done so now on 25 trips to Israel. .
My desires have never changed from that first experience, but now it is my privilege to take others to The Land.
Come be a part of the fulfillment of prophecy and this life changing event.
The motto of our tour seems to be "other groups never come here" We will go to many places and meet many people most tourists never have a chance to see. From a walk in the Jerusalem market to a visit in the home of an Israeli friend, you just never know what appointments HaShem may have for us as we walk in His Neighborhood.
See you there!

The Connect To Israel tours are what I am referring to as "Dream Tours." The reason for the title is because the itinerary is one I have always dreamed of. In a day when tours can be over four thousand dollars with airfare, many tours are giving less days in Israel. This tour is 11 days in The Land with our Shabbat in Jerusalem.
Our tour facilitator is Dr. Dwayne Coxen. Dwayne has been to Israel over 150 times and is working on a project in the city of Tamar. Our tour leader is Hanoch Young. Hanoch is an Orthodox Jew who understands that Israel is larger than just the Jewish people. His desire and passion is to see the "Whole Family of Israel" united in our day. Hanoch and myself will be leading the tour as well as providing teaching along the way. This tour is the heart of the two sticks of EZ 37 coming together to be one is His hand.
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Please do not book flights until your registration has been sent in and approved. Please do not book flights at this time. You just need to reserve your spot on the tour as we do limit the number on the tour. You may book your own flights, but in the event of airline delay, you would be responsible for providing your own transportation to meet up with the group. This would be at your expense.
If you have any questions please EMAIL or call 828 349 3274