To teach the Hebraic perspective of faith in and obedience to the One True Elohim.


Before any of the staff and board of this ministry are our partners. These are people who stand with us in prayer and financial support with monthly as well as one time donations. Without each of our partners the ministry of Joined To HaShem does not exist. For more information on becoming a partner click PARTNER.

Mikell Clayton - Founder and President

With a dry humor that keeps one listening intently, Mike speaks fervently from his heart on restoration of the Living Torah, so that we might live the Torah, which brings forth love for Yeshua and preparation of individuals for The Kingdom. He encourages and motivates each individual to walk in the light on his or her path, to seek a deeper relationship, and to walk in the unique will of God for his or her life. His ministry concentrates on cyber pastoral care for those hungry for Hebraic Roots, including video and written delivery of messages, Biblical observances and experiences. He firmly follows the Hebraic thought and practice that we must "be doers of the Word, not hearers only." EMAIL MIKE

Our Staff and Board

Bebee Stevens - Vice-president

Within weeks of Bebee coming to faith in God in '96, it was clear that Bebee had a heart to do more than sit on a pew. Knowing that, he became Mike's youth pastor and was a great asset to the church in many ways. When introduced to the Hebraic Roots message and the importance of Israel Bebee was touched deeply, and he now leads his family in Torah in North Florida. Pray for God's blessing and continued growth for him and his family.

Bill Smith - Secretary

Bill has been involved in the business side of several ministries and church since 1985. Hebraic roots was a point of curiosity since the late 1970's for him. In the past several years, Torah studies have furthered his growth and understanding of the Tenach, the New Testament and the life of Yeshua. Bill lives in Colorado. He and his wife have three children.

Kathy Clayton - Office Manager

Yes, Kathy is Mike's wife. Married in '81 they have worked together in many area of ministry. Kathy's work in this ministry is far reaching, from the day to day functions of the office as well as processing orders and keeping up with three children and three grandsons. Pray God's blessing will increase in Kathy's life and work, that the creative anointing will be magnified in her from day to day.      EMAIL KATHY