To teach the Hebraic perspective of faith in and obedience to the One True Elohim.

Our Vision

Proverbs 29:18 speaks of a people that go astray because they do not have vision or Divine revelation. It also says that those who pursue the Torah (First five books of Scripture) will be praiseworthy. Allow me first ask a few questions.

1.) Do you long for the true power of God as displayed in the accounts of the children of Israel, the prophets, Yeshua, the Book of Acts?

2.) Do we truly see this kind of power today in our modern churches and in the lives of those who call themselves God's people?

3.) Are you tired of a system of religion? One that does the same thing over and over again expecting different results, but never finding them? By the way, this is the definition of insanity!

4.) Are you tired of seeing people walk an aisle only to see them then walk on through the back door never to be seen again?

5.) Are you longing for a true sense of community, where people really know one another and care about each others lives?

In case you are wondering, I answered 4 yes and 1 no. If you did the same please read on.S

The vision of Joined To Hashem is to teach wherever there are 2, 3 or more that hunger for the one true God and His ways. To not be concerned about numbers of people, but rather that HaShem is glorified and that we then become lights, not sirens, for the world to see. We believe in teaching scripture from a Hebraic prospective. Simply put, this means that through doing His Word will come understanding of His Word. To teach all of scripture (Genesis thru Revelation) with the foundation of the Torah being our guide. The words of the prophets, Yeshua and the apostles giving further revelation, but always pointing back to faith in HaShem and obedience to the Torah.

Do I believe that one man or one relatively small ministry can make a difference in this world? I pray so. By the grace of God this ministry does make a difference, but not by standing alone. We will only make a difference when others of similar vision come along side to pray and support this work. For information on joining with us click PARTNER.