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Why am I reading like this?


October 3, 2020

Exodus 33:12-34:26

Numbers 29:17-25

Ezekiel 38:18-39:16

John 7:1-2, 37-44



Shadows of a New Day

Sukkot is upon us!

Sukkot is to be a time of rejoicing.  The question though is what should we be rejoicing in?  Is Sukkot simply a week of vacation and fun?  Should it be treated the same as a few days of visiting Mickey Mouse?  Is it just an extended conference or a rebirth of the Camp Meetings of the past century?  Is it a time to merely sharpen our outdoor skills in preparation for a possible Greater Exodus?  Without an understanding of the days of Sukkot we risk the tragedy of having a good time, but missing the whole point.

So what is Sukkot all about?  Sukkot is about His Kingdom!  It is a time for us to come together and consider a time when the age of the first six thousand years of man's redemption is behind us.  It is a time to consider that the tribulation and its horrific events are but a memory.  Families who were separated due to captivity or death during the tribulation period have now been reunited through the first resurrection.  The countries of the world are no longer our home as we have completed the journey whether by plane, boat, foot or flight to the land promised to us as an eternal inheritance through our father Abraham.  Most exciting of all though is that Yeshua is once again with us on earth.  He is no longer in His tabernacle as Messiah ben Joseph, the One who would suffer for us all.  He is now alive in the Tabernacle of Messiah ben David, our King who has conquered all!

In that day there will no longer be discussion of whether the New Moon is the conjunction or the first sliver.  We will not discuss which date or which month Passover should be held.  We will not have to be concerned over whether the marshmallows for the smores are kosher or not.  We will never again have to ask the waitress if the salad has bacon bits or not!

In that day we will not wonder if someone is looking over our shoulder as we attempt to teach our children.  Conspiracy theories of government control and the like will be a thing of the past.  There will be no news of a nuclear weapons build up and testing of missiles.  Swords and spears will no longer be used to kill and murder, but rather to till the ground for crops.

To truly enter into the joy of the season of Sukkot we must have a vision, not of the here and now, but of a day to come. To enjoy the time to its fullness we must separate ourselves in a way from the events of our life today and allow His Spirit to take us to a place we at this time in life can only imagine.  We must allow ourselves to not be overwhelmed with the here and now, but rather allow ourselves time to dream of the days to come.  In fact, the more we allow ourselves to dream of the future, the more we may find ourselves ready for the present.

No matter if you are gathering with hundreds during this Sukkot or you find yourself alone for the Feast, it is my prayer for you that the plans and purposes YHVH has for you will be revealed.  May each of us gather strength from this special time.  May we catch a glimpse of not only these eight days, but rather of a Kingdom to come and a thousand years in rejoicing in the King who will reign eternal.

Why a weekly reading schedule?

On a weekly basis we hear the term unity in our churches and congregations. It is a subject spoken of, but is it truly lived out?

Going back to the time before Yeshua walked this earth, the Hebrews established a weekly Torah portion reading. Today this schedule goes from Genesis to Deuteronomy in one year. No matter where you travel in the world the same scriptures are being read and taught from. We understand the spiritual power of unity, which is why we join our faith with synagogues, congregations and churches that are choosing to follow this schedule. Our weekly readings include a reading from the prophets as well as the Renewed Covenant, (New Testament). Each week as you read, imagine that the same scriptures are being declared in most every country and time zone around the world.