April 21, 2017

Leviticus 16:1-18:30;19:1-20:27

Ezekiel 22:1-19; Amos 9:7; Isaiah 66:1-24

2 Samuel 4-6

Acharei Mot

(After The Death) K'doshim (Holy People)

The Clash of Two Worlds

The Hebrews left a society filled with paganism and secular interests. There was nothing within the society of Egypt that would point a person to the one true and living Elohim. Maybe we can imagine it by simply looking around at modern society for a lesson in what it was possibly like.

The Hebrews, a set apart people, were caught between two worlds.  On the one hand were the laws and lifestyle they grew accustomed to growing up in Egypt. Also on that hand was the Promise Land with inhabitants of foreign pagan practices. On the other hand was the almost surreal set of laws and lifestyle they had been called to at Mount Sinai by HaShem Himself.  Israel was told to forget the practices of Egypt and not to adopt the observances of all of the “ites” in the new Land. Rather they were only to abide by the laws and lifestyle Torah was teaching them. Israel would need to make choices and discern for themselves just how this clash of two worlds and two systems of laws and lifestyle would affect them in the days ahead. We watch the story of their choices unfold throughout Scripture.

This dilemma of the Hebrews remains for us today. In fact our dilemma may be a bit harder and more complicated to walk out. In this Diaspora we find ourselves freed from Egypt spiritually, while we dwell in the middle of a very pagan, secular world. We have not been set free to physically take our wilderness journey to the destination of His Kingdom going forth from Jerusalem. Our lives are being lived out in lands where the war of two worlds is not only our past or future, but right here in front of us. To add to the issue is a pseudo-religious system we can no longer relate to, though we once did.

Today we see leaders being elected who do not share much of commonality with Torah. We see Godless men and women daily seeking to transform our society into a culture that will make Sodom and Gomorrah blush in embarrassment. We see laws being enacted in direct opposition to Torah. Oh wait, the United States has a new president, everything has changed, right? Please, let us not be that naive!

As followers of HaShem and those who seek to honor His Torah we are being asked to make choices. Which world are we going to live in and whose kingdom will we pledge our allegiance to?  For most of us, we long to simply leave this present system behind and be instantly translated into the Kingdom of our Messiah. This would be the easy way out though, and one thing I know about HaShem is He never gives us the easy way. What do we do?

So far the choices we make have been relatively easy regarding taxes, use of property, health care, prayer in schools or home schooling. We have differing opinions, but so far not too much has been life threatening. This is changing rapidly in front of our eyes. Sadly many people have their eyes totally closed to what is occurring in the real world outside of their bubble. What happens when someone comes to your door to take control of your children because of your radical beliefs hindering the brainwashing these people are teaching? Not happening? Really? Consider forced abortion being enacted due to the lies of overpopulation. Not happening? Really? How about when it is illegal to own a copy of Torah? It has been a problem many times in history. Could never take place again, not where I live! Really? What about when pulling up to a meeting to discuss Torah meant a knock at your door the next week and questioning about your anti-government beliefs and lifestyle? Not here in my place of exile! Really? These are some of the things in life that should make you go, “Hmm!" In fact, if they don't, you may want to quit reading now and place your head back in the kid's sandbox.

The Hebrews had forty years in the wilderness to let go of their old ways and teach the next generation a new way of life. You and I have to learn and change as we go. We must make decisions as revelation is unfolding. We do not always have time to take a day off and research a decision.  We must at times fly by the seat of our pants and make decisions quickly, based on a lifestyle of prayer, not just “emergency prayer.” If we think it is something now, just wait a few days or weeks and see how you and I long for the simpler days of what we have today.

What exactly are we to do? We must first know His Word. This sounds so simple, but it is something many people still do not grasp. Most followers of HaShem have not read His Word from cover to cover! How can you know it is His Word if you have not read His word? Second, we must know His voice. How will we know it is His voice if we do not know what His voice has already proclaimed in His Word?  Do you see a pattern here?

What are we to do as the clash of two worlds continues to wage war around us?  The answer is so straightforward most will never see it. The way to make it through is to first decide which king we really desire to serve and when we make this decision, firmly resolve His is the only voice we will listen to, regardless, always and forever. Simply put, when laws clash, our allegiance is being put to the test and is proven by the decisions we make.

As you follow Torah and HaShem, your decisions will be very different from the world, family and even many friends, because you march to a special set of orders, issued by a different King. You are different. You have been set apart. Embrace it as an honor of the Most High. Amein!


Why a weekly reading schedule?

On a weekly basis we hear the term unity in our churches and congregations. It is a subject spoken of, but is it truly lived out?

Going back to the time before Yeshua walked this earth, the Hebrews established a weekly Torah portion reading. Today this schedule goes from Genesis to Deuteronomy in one year. No matter where you travel in the world the same scriptures are being read and taught from. We understand the spiritual power of unity, which is why we join our faith with synagogues, congregations and churches that are choosing to follow this schedule. Our weekly readings include a reading from the prophets as well as the Renewed Covenant, (New Testament). Each week as you read, imagine that the same scriptures are being declared in most every country and time zone around the world.

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