The Foreigner of Israel

Just prior to the Hebrews leaving Egypt, the Hebrews were given instructions for partaking in the Passover. In Exodus 12:43-48 we read that no "Foreigner" would be allowed to partake of the lamb. In order for a foreigner to partake he had to take upon himself the mark of a Hebrew and be, could we say, "Grafted Into or Adopted" into the family called Israel. In essence the foreigner was coming into the family of Israel by faith which then produced a work of obedience to the instructions (Torah) of Elohim.

Isaiah 56 speaks of the "foreigner", his responsibilities and his blessings. In scripture, this term is used for a people that are not related by blood, but are living among you, as one of you, obeying the laws of your land. Could this be the people that are being spoken of in Romans 11 and Ephesians 2? Could this be the people Yeshua spoke of in Matthew 15:24?

Here are the responsibilities of the foreigner as stated in Isaiah 56:6

1. Join themselves to HaShem as willing servants.

2. Love HaShem (Consider John 14:15)

3. Do His work (John 14:15 again?)

4. Keep and not profane Shabbat (the 7th day)

5. Hold fast to His covenant(s)

Here are the promises that they can stand on.

1. Bring them to my holy mountain. (Sounds like a trip to Israel to me)

2. Make them joyful. (How many people could use an honest dose of this one.)

3. Our offerings and sacrifices will be accepted. (Now stay with me. Have you ever felt that what you were doing and giving was just not being noticed? Be truthful.)

4. Complete His House of Prayer. (The house of Elohim is not complete without the foreigner. The foreigner does not replace the family called Israel, but rather enlarges it. The foreigner is humbled to be part of the family and His plans.

There is so much more within those words for each of us to "shema", (hear intelligently). Ancient words based on Exodus 24:7 are so fitting here:"through doing, comes understanding". Start to live the responsibilities and watch the promises flow.

The Foreigner's Responsibility To Israel and The Jewish People

As followers of Yeshua, scripture states in Romans 11 and Ephesians 2 that we have been grafted into or adopted into the family of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob called Israel. There are many of this family called Israel who have suffered much at the hands of "The Christian Church" through the past two millennium. This is a day to right the wrongs which have been done to the part of HaShem's family called the Jewish people.

Listed below are, what we believe to be our responsibilities as followers of Yeshua to Israel and  the Jewish people.

Psalm 122:6-9 commands us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and carries with it a promise that those who love her (Jerusalem) will prosper. We must pray, not based on what the news reports may say, but based on what Yah says. In Zechariah 8 we read that Yah is zealous for Zion and for Jerusalem. To love what He loves requires a love and commitment to pray for the city and people of Jerusalem and Israel. Why are we instructed to pray for Jerusalem? Jerusalem will have peace when the Prince of Peace, (Yeshua) returns. In that day His peace will go forth and cover the earth.

To pray for the peace of Jerusalem is to pray for Messiah's Kingdom to come.

2. According to Genesis 12:3 we are to bless the seed of Abraham as one means of receiving the blessings of Yah in our own life and avoiding the curse. Let us pray for ways to open before us so we can be a blessing to a "chosen people". Remember that love, not return of blessing, should always be the motivation of our actions.

3. In light of the command to bless and not curse, followers of Yeshua have a responsibility to oppose every form of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism by speaking the truth concerning Israel and the Jewish people. The Abrahamic covenant is eternal; the land belongs to Israel; and Elohim who has chosen the descendants of Abraham as His chosen people does not lie, nor does He change His mind.

4. In obedience to Isaiah 40:1-2, followers of Yeshua are called to comfort, support and encourage the people that He calls His chosen. Why? No people on earth has suffered such extreme rejection, persecution, and degradation from so many nations and people groups as the Jews. The Holocaust of the 20th century is but one example of repeated attempts throughout history to destroy the people of Israel and remove them from the face of the earth. Comfort and encouragement are certainly in order, not just in words but also in deeds, with no hidden agendas.

5. Isaiah also outlines to us in the 60th and 61st chapters of his book that we are to support the nation of Israel and the re-gathering of her people to the land. There are numerous ways to express this support. Certainly prayer is of the utmost importance. Secondly, financial gifts to ministries and organizations who are aiding and facilitating the rebuilding of Israel is money well given into a cause that is dear to the heart of God. Thirdly, taking advantage of opportunities to volunteer for short and long term service in the land the of Israel is an enriching and prophetic experience that is highly recommended.

6. We are called to live the Torah (First five books). The greatest gift HaShem has given to man is His Torah. It is the foundation on which all Scripture is built and the words which point us to the True Messiah.  Yeshua came to this earth to live and confirm the Torah before man. For too long the "church" has said that the Torah has been done away with. This is an insult to HaShem and to the His people. Yeshua stated that the Torah would never be done away with (Matt 5:18). He further cautioned these who would desire to live without it. (Matt 7:21-23).

In living a life of faith in Yeshua that brings forth heart felt obedience to Torah we live the words of Duet 32:21 and Romans 11:11.