Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German pastor during WW2. He had found safety in America, but decided to return to Germany and put his own life on the line. When asked why, he said, "I will have no right to participate in the reconstruction of life in Germany after the war if I do not share the trials of this time with my people."

Today there are many who understand Israel as a future home during the Millennium or even beyond, but do not see the need to support Israel today. The words of Bonhoeffer should be a challenge to all.

Joined To HaShem understands the principle of supporting Israel. A portion of all donations to this ministry goes to Israel. At this time we send funds on a monthly and as needed basis to:

Shiloh Children' Fund

Help heal the trauma of terrorism in the lives of innocent children who have lost loved ones or witnessed the horror of terrorism first-hand.

Friends of Itamar

Dedicated to the careful planning, construction and safeguarding of the community of Itamar, located in the very heartland of Israel.

The Old City of Jerusalem

There is not a link or a web site for the work we partner in for needs in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. This is a work done very quietly, but very effectively. We make sure widows, orphans, individuals and families in need do not go without.

Yad Leah

Yad Leah is a volunteer based organization whose staff and supporters share a collective dream of alleviating poverty in Israel. We do this by collecting new and gently used clothing in the United States and sending that clothing to communities throughout Israel to be distributed to needy families. SHORT VIDEO

Other Needs

Isaiah 40:1 says "Comfort and keep comforting my people." Working in Israel for almost twenty years allows us on the ground reporting of needs. At the end of 2016 fires were raging in Israel and many families were affected. We were able to send funds direct and fast. This is just one example of meeting needs. All our work revolves around a simple concept, building relationships

One hundred percent of funds marked for Israel go to Israel. We do not take any funds out for administration. If you would like to help. please click the DONATION button and put "ISRAEL" in the remarks. You may also send a check or call in with a credit card to.

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